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Founded in January 2015 in Southern Oregon, Groovy Groves has 2 separate facilities encompassing over 350 acres of prime grow land.
The focus for the company is the cultivation of strains of cannabis that yield diverse cannabinoid profiles when concentrated. This creates an oil that has been used by thousands of people to treat their pain and disease.This whole plant cannabis oil is the foundation for significant advances and breakthroughs in the treatment of many diseases and our goal is to be the industry leader in the sector of the market.

 Our long term market goals
are as follows:

1.Develop facilities and systems that reduce the amount of labor and increase the yield / quality of the cannabis.
2.Be the leader in the whole Plant Cannabis Oil market sector.

3. Provide a high quality product at the most competitive price to the local and eventually National Market

4. Become the leading supplier of cannabinoids to the Medical / Pharmaceutical Industry